Prayer, or “mommy’s quiet time”, has become central to my life and self-care routine.  Even if it is just sitting down and reflecting on my day, or doing a full conscience exam, it is definitely a helpful tool.  Not only do I find it helpful when it comes to quieting my anxious mind, but it is great in grounding myself and moving forward, one day at a time.

With prayer, I am able to reflect on my life as contrasted by the life of Jesus and the saints.  I am able to make my suffering useful by offering it up.  It helps me put the pain in perspective.  I realize that pain is not only part of the human experience – but it is also a part of life.  Even Jesus suffered pain.

I am able to concentrate on the here and now.  I can’t change the past, and the future is not yet here, so why not concentrate on the here and now.  I can’t make choices about the past – just an examination of conscience – what I did that may be wrong or questionable. But it is not a reason to dwell in the past, it is a reason to move forward, to get a perspective on how to act here and now, and concentrate on just today, because, as cliched as it sounds, tomorrow is not promised.

What bothers me? What makes me happy?  If something bothers me, I am able to share it  with the Lord and put it in perspective.  If something makes me happy, I am able to be grateful about it, and thank the Lord for it as a gift, even if it is through gritting teeth.

I love my prayer time not only because it is mommy’s quiet time, but because it also is part of my self-care.


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